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Our goal is to provide a fast and reliable Taxi service 24/7.

Any Group Size, Any Distance.

However you may spend your time – you can fully rely on your chauffeur, stay relaxed, and reach your destination safely. Step right in and sit back. We will take care of everything else.

Bahrain Ojra Taxi Group

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Not only take you to night parties, weddings, casinos, and birthdays but we also take you anywhere you want to go in all Gulf Cooperation Council countries “GCC”

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Professional Drivers

All of our drivers have excellent driving abilities and knowledge of the traffic rules in the Kingdom of Bahrain and they all have a deep knowledge of the roads and locations in the Kingdom and the Arab Gulf countries. Our drivers also undergo a detailed check from the Traffic Department during the renewal of driving licenses and they are completely safe and reliable to be responsible for transporting your family from point A to point B.

Easy Online Booking

When you book the service using our dedicated online portal, you will be kept informed of the progress of your vehicle via our dispatch team. We are also available via mobile and landline telephone if you would prefer to book a vehicle in the traditional manner.

Long term special rates

We understand that there are many taxi service providers in the Kingdom of Bahrain and we always provide the most competitive services we can offer.
Building long-term relationships with our clients is part of our culture and we aim to ensure that they benefit from our service to the fullest, as we are able to deliver better value for long-term commitments.

About us

Bahrain Taxi Group service provides safe and reliable transportation for your business and family needs. Our services can be tailored to fit your diary and budget but are also flexible enough to be able to respond to emerging needs if required.

We have a large fleet of 973 sedans and 7-seater people carriers, giving a great deal of flexibility in the number of people and the amount of baggage we can carry at any one time. All of our vehicles are regularly serviced and cleaned to ensure a neat, reliable, and most importantly safe service for all our customers.

Above all, we take great pride in the services we provide and our mission is to provide an outstanding taxi service to our customers we have a long list of satisfied customers who use our services frequently because of the excellent and safe service we provide. The vast majority of our current client base is from repeat business due to the great services we provide and we look forward to serving you.

In addition to providing an amazing service to Bahrain’s business networks, we pride ourselves on our services from the airport to the various cities in the Kingdom, a sightseeing tour of the country, an industry conference or trade fair, a sporting event, a business meeting or an event Elegant social, you can trust the Bahrain Taxi Group service to provide you with an unparalleled level of expertise and professionalism. We welcome special requests and can offer a variety of creative ideas.

Bahrain Taxi Rates

We work with taxi meters according to transportation laws in the Kingdom of Bahrain

How does the Taxi Meter work?

Passengers must pay the fare as it is based on the meter, as it is calculated as follows:

• The amount of one dinar is the fee for opening the meter during the first period, and the amount of one dinar and two hundred and fifty fills during the second period.

The fare for each kilometer after the first kilometer is 200 fills during the first period, and 240 fills during the second period.

• 50 fills for each minute of waiting during the two periods.

• Two dinars for one time only if the distance is more than 25 kilometers.

• An amount of 500 fills for each passenger for more than five passengers (for cars that are authorized to do so).

• An amount of two dinars is added to the meter when using the taxi waiting at Bahrain International Airport.

• An amount of dinars is added to the meter when using the taxi waiting in hotels.

• The fare for the second period is calculated throughout public holidays and weekends.

• An amount of one dinar is added to the official holidays according to the Hijri calendar.

• It is permissible to charge an additional fare over the amount calculated by the meter for the service of requesting a taxi from the call center at +973 66966976, with no more than two dinars.

• In the event that the passenger wishes to use the car for a long period, an amount of 10 dinars is calculated for every 1 hour.

• The phrase (the first period) means the period from 6 am to 10 pm, and the phrase (the second period) is from 10 pm until 6 am.

Attention :

The amount of one dinars or two Bahraini dinars is calculated for each order from our website or from the call center Bahrain Taxi Group at +973 66966976.

Bahrain Limousine Service

From Bahrain to King Fahd Causeway (The Bridge)

25 BHD

From Bahrain to Al Khobar

30 BHD

From Bahrain to Dammam

35 BHD

From Bahrain to Dammam Airport

45 BHD

From Bahrain to Al Jubail

60 BHD


From Bahrain to Al Ahsa

65 BHD 

From Bahrain to Riyadh

120 BHD


From Bahrain to Kuwait

140 BHD

From Bahrain to Qatar

180 BHD


We have connectivity to all regions of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Oman

Note :

These rates are not fixed and vary according to the number of passengers traveling, King Fahad Causeway Bridge, events and public holidays.

Bahrain Airport Taxi Fare

From the AIRPORT to Muharraq


From AIRPORT to Amwaj Islands


From Airport to Dragon City


From AIRPORT to Manama


From AIRPORT to Juffair


From AIRPORT to Seef Area


From AIRPORT to Budaiya Street and neighboring villages

10 to 15 BHD depending on the place of the village.

From AIRPORT to Hamad Town

12 to 17 BHD depending on the address and the number of the circle.

From AIRPORT to Zallaq

17 BHD

From AIRPORT to Isa Town and Riffa and neighboring villages

12 to 17 BHD according to the address.

From AIRPORT to Sitra Island and neighboring villages

10 to 12 BHD depending on the location of the village.

From AIRPORT to village Askar and Jaw

18 BHD

From AIRPORT to Durrat Al Bahrain

25 BHD

From AIRPORT to Lost Paradise (Jannat Delmon) and Al Areen Resort

20 BHD

Note :

These prices are not fixed, and subject to working conditions and times and traffic congestion in the streets.

Tourist Taxi Booking

2 Hours BHD

3 Hours BHD

4 Hours BHD

6 Hours BHD

12 Hours BHD

Full day 24 hOURS BHD

Week Service BHD


These prices are not fixed and vary according to the customer’s circumstances and working conditions.
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